Hi, I’m Nathanael.  I design products, experiences, and brands from concept to launch. I’m happily married, ride an old Honda motorcycle, and believe design is understanding how to play with the friction in value-based experiences.


I grew up in small-town Texas and Louisiana until I attended RIT for New Media Design. I spent some time working in NYC at a creative agency, until I bought a one-way ticket to Vietnam, and spent a year backpacking, and exploring our relationship with technology. I learned meditation and followed a curiosity thread into the world of mental health, noticing a gap between accessibility and translation. I co-founded Inward Inc, one of the first mindfulness companies that help translate proven interventions into “5 minutes a day” mobile app programs, while working with researchers, institutions, and leaders to further the field. In the last 5 years, the mindfulness industry has risen to modern needs, and insights from that work guided me to my next product, Lief.  Self-reporting of mood, perceived stress, and physical stress of a user has a huge “human” flaw. The gap between the mind’s story and the body’s state was a huge obstacle and a missing piece to support impactful behavioral change. This also limited mobile-only approaches. This led me to co-found Lief Therapeutics, producing a medical-grade smartpatch that measures HRV (heart rate variability), a biometric that strongly correlates with psychology and provides real-time biofeedback to retrain the body’s stress response. The product measures the body’s voice within our mental chatter and will help reshape self-care tools.  This was my first hardware product, and I was excited to begin from scratch with this mental health wearable for anxiety. The journey allowed me to manage and design an entire product ecosystem, from system-level thinking to design treatment.

I’ve been thinking about these problems and working on these solutions in the digital health landscape for the last 7+ years. Designing tools, brands, and putting in my time to help make the world of healthcare a little friendlier, with solutions a little more accessible.

This last year, I personally have experienced a lot of change in my life. I got married and have taken some time to plan what is next for me. I returned to a strict exercise routine (triathlon training) and setting a healthy foundation for my marriage. I bought a ’72 Honda motorcycle and I’m advising other startups in the health space. What I’ve learned is that I’m ready to join a larger mission-driven team, tackling healthcare problems that impact many lives. I believe I have very unique industry experience, skillsets, and on a mission that aligns with the challenges and initiatives ahead of emerging digital health companies.