Duo is a concept app and hardware project to facilitate and deepen “real life” connection with a partner. 

As much as technology enables interactions, its also become a barrier for deeper interactions, and the bad habits of “transactional” digital communication are seeping into interpersonal interactions, discounting the 80% non-verbal that we thrive on, and the importance of communication without a clear end point, but rather communication as a tool for being “seen” and connecting.

Problem Statement
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Product Exploration
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Business Model


The experience meant to be largely invisible. The device is meant to be physically passed to each other. The screen is not meant to be viewed, but rather listened to. Each user wears one headphone, keeping users within an intimate distance. 

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This is a very preliminary concept, and  the implementation of this project continues to shift as trends change, and needs change. I’ve been fortunate to have some people show interest in helping out, and I’m always looking for more people interested in the challenge of using tech to deepen their interpersonal interactions. Send me a message if you’re interested in getting involved.