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I helped start inward inc, a mobile platform that translates proven interventions into simple daily habits

Inward provides a central mobile platform customizable to organizational and individual needs. The team has been working  with executives, program developers, researchers and healthcare providers to identify and eliminate the friction preventing proven programs from reaching the people they serve. We built the first mindfulness app that used mobile principles (hard to believe) and became the #1 mindfulness app for years before mindfulness became the buzzword it is today.


We worked with world-renowned scientists, and best-selling authors to help translate their material into actionable steps. 

Thought leaders with rich content have been successful with the format of books and workshops, but an app is a very different format. I enjoyed introducing the process to clients with  “Imagine you’ve created a 200 page book. We’re now going to work on making that book into a few post-it notes.” Because post-it notes have a different inherent functional use. They can be used for to-do lists. They can be used as reminders, to mark-up, to check-off.  They can be placed in environments to help remind. They can bring to life actions that would otherwise be lost.

I guided the design process which typically included goals and definitions, content design, production (audio, video), branding, and progress reporting.


We built 10+ apps for clients including Veteran Affairs, UCSF, best selling authors, and research studies. 

When we kicked off a new project, we often used the metaphor of a post-it note to describe our process. We would ingest their body of work, and help translate and reduce down the content down to a usable, and contextual set of actions. A post-it note can be placed in the place you need it most, items crossed-out, marked-up, and a single post-it can only hold so many words.