Mindful Messaging


Inward Inc worked with Pace University to create an app exploring how mindfulness may be integrated into young adult’s communication habits. We working with researchers to create a framework and app concept to see if asking a few simple questions then presenting a short audio to reflect on their message before then sent it. The results showed that disrupting autopilots and considering the other’s environment and mental state greatly affected what was sent. I led the ux, design, and production.

Below are a few screens and process.


Below is an outcomes poster created at PACE University to share the results from the initial pilot. Here are a few quotes:

“It drew my attention to the fact that I used my phone when I was bored, to kill time, and to feel like I was not alone when I was.”

It helped me think from the perspective of the other person.

“It helped my relationship with my boyfriend.”

“It helped me be a more conscious person.”